Garden Railway Water Tower Project

February 2005

While searching the web for pictures of water towers that I might try to duplicate for the D&L Railroad I stumbled upon a set of plans for a real 47,000 gallon wooden water tower.  I am building a scale model of that tower using cedar.  The scale is 1/20.3 (narrow gauge scale)

The struggle with the roof.... I think it finally fits!

Ready to shingle - note the cup of "cedar shake" shingles... wonder how long this will take!??!

6 days later...

test "fitting" outside!

Finally got back to the project and completed the plumbing and spout support structure.  The spout is made up of 5 pieces of copper pipe and one tapered section made of sheet brass.


The web site that has the plans is: My thanks to the folks who made these plans available.